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Property Maintenance Experts

We are a professional company that operates all over Northern Ireland and provides a variety of property maintenance services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Over the last 5 years, we have undergone extensive training in this area. Clients can avail of a variety of cleaning methods that are bespoke to them. Patios can be pressure washed, sensitive areas soft-washed, tarmac driveways moss brushed, gutters cleaned with a unique vacuum system, and soffits and facias soft brushed. These services can be complemented with algaecides and biocides to help keep your newly cleaned area looking fresh for longer.

(Sanding service is included in all pressure washing services). Pesticides are used to thwart the re-growth of persistent weeds on hard surfaces.

Commercial cleaning includes the services above, graffiti and chewing gum, and gutter cleaning without the use of climbing equipment. Elevations can be cleaned from the ground using innovative new machinery.

How we clean it and what we use?

Our cleaning service is specially tailored to the surface and soiling to ensure your surface is safe and undamaged. We understand not all surfaces are the same, what cleans one can damage another.

Our exterior cleaning services cover any type of hard outside surface. From driveways, conservatories and render to car parks, roofs and tennis courts.

After spending years studying the science behind dirt and stain removal on exterior surfaces. You can be sure we’ll always use the right method and products for your property.

Our cleaning services

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing – Using commercial machinery and soft water discs we can control the power of water to clean your surfaces. Chemical agents are applied prior to washing, then a good deep clean followed by kiln dried sand into the joints to stablish and prevent weed growth.

Before After
Before After

Soft Washing

Soft washing – is the art of cleaning with pressure or power. It’s nonabrasive to the surface but packs a punch with its cleaning power. It is used on a multitude of hard surfaces and is very effective at reducing the green algae grime that is associated with lying water and animal urine.

Moss Brushing

Moss Brushing – Where it is damaging to the surface, we use chemicals and a moss brush to clean the area to a high standard without causing further damage. Tarmac driveways can suffer badly when pressure washed, and this is an ideal alternative.

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Gutter vacuum

Gutter vacuum – Gone are the days of paying to watch a labourer hang perilously from a ladder to clean your gutter with nothing but a bucket and a gloved hand, praying they don’t damage the facia/gutter or worse, fall. This gutter vacuum system provides us with the efficiency required to tackle removing all kinds of vegetation and debris safely from the ground. Taking in leaves, moss, pine needles and grass with ease. We can clear 100% of the debris 100% of the time meaning our customers can go 24 to 36 months between cleans. The images speak for them selves, get in touch for a quote.

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Take a look at what our customers have to say!

Bridget Mckinney
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"I had two massive tree in my garden right beside each other taking up so much space. I asked Aaron if he could sort this for me as it appears the trees haven't been looked after for years. I went to work came home and the job was done couldn't be happier with the job he has done . The space I have now in my garden is unreal. thank you to the Aaron and his team for 5 * job."
Michael Adamson
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"Aaron and team have done a great job in our garden, trimming all the hedges and shrubs back and also scarifying the grass. They are reliable and hardworking and I would definitely recommend them!"
Liz Coffey
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"These guys were great, helped me out at last minute and then kept my garden prim and proper all of last year. Would highly recommend, professional job, good prices and friendly."
Fiona Robinson
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"Great job done on our laurel hedge today; very tidy job. Sincere thanks, guys!" 👍
Diane Smyth
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"Yes def recommend. As they say - "It (he - Aaron) does what it says on the tin" - only better!"