Services - Hedge cutting in Carrickfergus


We offer complete packages for lawns. With our commercial lawn mowers you can avail of fortnightly and monthly cuts. Our proven  STRIM - CUT - BLOW system leaves a perfect cut every time. We offer spring, summer and autumn fertilizer treatments and a unique nitrogen spray to leave your lawn emerald green.

Hedges & Trees

We recommend cutting your hedges in march/April and again in September/October. After a thourough inspection for nesting birds and disease, we will cut the hedges to the desired width and height using a cutting method renowned with horticultralists and botanical gardens across the globe.

After all the cutting of hedges its nice to offer a hedge planting service. We source or hedging from a wonderful local nursery and use a tried and tested horticultural method to plant. 

We specialise in pruning fruiting trees no more than three metres. 

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#Hedge cutting in Carrickfergus

#Weeding in Carrickfergus


The majority of self professed gardeners will not weed now a days. We love it, cant get enough of weeding your flower beds and borders. 

We also offer a range of pesticide and herbicide sprays to control and maintain those persistent weeds. 

Also we offer a splitting and replanting service for all your perennials. 

Outside Cleaning

Powerhosing or bleaching of patios, decking and driveways is a must in the winter months.

We also offer a complete green house cleaning package.